Ep. 201: How To Buy A Home- Step By Step 

 July 31, 2023

Now that we’re into a new season of the How to Buy a Home podcast, David is giving a step-by-step look at how to buy a home in a 10-part series. This series is going to help you figure out what you need to do to be able to buy a home, so David is going to cover everything from debt and student loans to picking the right team and finding the right home.

In today’s episode, David kicks it off by giving you a brief overview of what to expect in this series and how you can start TODAY.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation with the Step By Step process of How To Buy A Home:

  • What to expect with this step-by-step
  • Why you need a team
  • Make sure you have an experienced realtor
  • Why David Sidoni is your guy

Episode Highlights: How To Buy A Home, Step By Step

[02:00] New Series Forecast

There were 1.5 million first-time home buyers in 2022 and the average age of this home buyer was 36 years old!

Well, that’s just crazy.

David spent years watching first-time home buyers get jilted in the process and this data proves it.

That’s why he left his brokerage and started a podcast to help revolutionize real estate by empowering first-time home buyers with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully leave renting in the past and buy their first home.

A successful first 200 episodes of home-buying education leads into a 10-part series where David will take a lot of the information from the previous episodes and combine them into a step-by-step that allows home buyers to feel more prepared.

Learn about everything from tackling debt to navigating closing in the new series.

[10:25] You’re All Special

Every first-time home buyer is SO unique!

You all have different stories, circumstances, and finances that will influence your decision.

And guess what, Google can’t totally help you.

Even David can’t hand out one-size-fits-all plans for buying a home.

You need a specialized team that understands your situation and can offer the advice you need to make smart choices.

Yes, Google can help you on some things, but it doesn’t know you well enough to be your end-all be-all influence throughout the process.

You need to start preparing as soon as possible to buy a home because the market is constantly changing and you need to be able to roll with the punches.

That’s why a specialized team – who knows the industry – can help you get there.

[17:09] Who Is David Sidoni?

David is your guy for this series.


Because he left the industry for YOU.

After years of watching first-time home buyers get handed off to rookie realtors and subsequently get screwed, he was fed up.

He knew that first-time home buyers are just as valuable as second- or third-time buyers and knew that something needed to change.

So, he left his brokerage to start his passion project: How to Buy a Home.

His goal?

Revolutionize the industry by empowering first-time buyers with the knowledge and resources to help them be successful.

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