Is your dream of homeownership getting crushed by the weight of 2024 housing market news? Headlines screaming about bidding wars and soaring prices might have you convinced it’s a buyer’s apocalypse. But before you throw in the towel, listen up! This episode is here to inject a powerful dose of inspiration into your house-hunting

Ep. 234 – Interview With Yadi and Victor – Dreamed Of Homeownership And Found A Way

In this episode, David Sidoni sits down with first-time homebuyers Gage and Mozelle to share how their cross-country purchase went. Tune in and discover how they found a beautiful property in Ohio located near a dense oak forest. The couple shares what it is like to leave their rental property, their best strategies to live

Ep 230 – Interview With Self Proclaimed “Not Privileged” First-Time Home Buyers

  Back in 2019, we made a rather bold prediction that the real estate market, which has been really unfair for first-tome homebuyers in the first place, would soon undergo a massive change. Initially it looks like change is definitely coming with this NAR lawsuit that’s making the headlines lately. But it’s not the real

Ep. 230 – NAR Lawsuit – The New Rules For Real Estate And How To Buy A Home – PART 1

  On March 15th, the first hammer fell, sending shockwaves through the industry: a staggering $418 million settlement against the National Association of Realtors. Now, it’s time to dive into the real implications and how they’ll impact you, our first-time home buyers. In this second part of our deep dive into the NAR Lawsuit episode,

Ep. 231 – NAR Lawsuit – The New Rules For Real Estate And How To Buy A Home – PART 2

  The down payment is one of those bogeymen that usually scare would-be homebuyers from making their move. A lot of people think that they have to put down 30% for their offer to stand a chance. But this power couple proves that isn’t necessarily the case, even in this market. In this episode, Andrew

Ep 228 – Interview With Andrew And Melissa Who Did NOT Need 20% Down To Buy And Bought Their First Home In A Matter Of Weeks!

  Purchasing a home is a meticulous and intricate process – it must never be executed in a hurry. That’s why when Aaron And Devany bought a new build home, they put patience and persistence at the center of their strategy. In this episode, the couple joins David Sidoni to share how two professionals in

Ep. 226 – Interview With Aaron And Devany – Planned For A Year And Bought A New Build Home

  Once upon a time, before the pandemic, rents were better until 2021 and 2022, when rents came surging those years, and the median rent rate was 200 dollars more than it was three years ago. As the rent rates increase over the years, think deeply about whether you should continue renting or start owning

Ep 224 – Interview With Pedro – Bought With Zero Down, And NOT A VA loan, At 59 Years Old