Ep. 14 – The Top Five Most Important Things All First Time Home Buyers Need To Know 

 June 7, 2019

HBH 14 | Things Buyers Need To Know

Buying a home is probably one of the most significant financial decisions of your life. Everyone’s got a list and wants to read a list. It’s bite-sized and fun! As a first-time home buyer, you must be well informed with all the things you need to know about buying a property. The entire real estate industry may give first time home buyer lack of importance. Fortunately, there’s at least one guy out here that really cares about what’s going on in your journey to house hunt. David gives all the five biggies you must learn, the can’t-miss information when you are trying to figure out – as the name of this podcast suggests – how to buy a home. And whoever is reading this is, if you are renting, call David if you don’t want him come down there!

The Top Five Most Important Things All First Time Home Buyers Need To Know

Best Tips And Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying Your First Home

I made this decision that I decided that you first-time buyers out there needed some better information that seem like they’re not being taken care of. Straight up it seems like the real estate industry was treating you like dog crap and that’s not cool. I decided to help you out. This is the biggest financial decision of your life. Most importantly, a lot of first-time buyers out there are not getting this information early. That means that you’re stuck renting and that means you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars that you don’t have to spend on some landlord’s extra vacation home in The Bahamas.
I’m excited we’re going to be doing the top five most important things. In our past episode, I gave you my list of things to do, the step-by-step instructions of buying a home. We went through step-by-step, thirteen steps and that was chronological in order to help you out because that’s the biggest thing people always want to know. They’re like, “David, how do I do this?” I say, “Here’s where you start.” That’s what everyone wants to know. Some of you might be further along in the process and that’s cool. That step-by-step list ended with number thirteen. Number thirteen had a sub-list of about 25 things that I rattle off at that final and crucial part. That’s when you make the offer and how that goes and all the way through the escrow. There are about 25 different things there. Each one of them is super important in buying your home. As a matter of fact, I’ve got to dedicate a podcast, each one of those things.
Once that was completed, I tried to figure out, “What’s next?” I was going to start breaking down some of those 25. I opened up my email and there it was from one of my favorite marketers. I subscribed to a whole bunch of different marketing pieces because I’m spending a lot of time helping people buy homes. I can’t sit around and make all the graphics, the charts and the colored things to send out to everybody to show them how to go through this process. I’ve got a couple of different marketing teams that send me stuff. There it was staring me in the face, “Starting the search for your dream home, here are your top five tips.” I realized I give you the step-by-step, but everywhere out there are the top fives.
[bctt tweet=”Realize that in high priced areas, there are few top producing and good agents who will lower themselves to get in a car with you on the weekend and show you homes, since your sale is so minuscule to them.” username=””]
What I did was I took a look at that list. Number one was get pre-approved for a mortgage. Number two was to know the differences between your must-haves and would like to haves. It’s important. I agree. Number three, research and choose a neighborhood you want to live in. That one is probably up there. It should be in it. Number four is, pick a house style you’d love and stick to it. What they’re subtly saying there is stop changing your mind, Gertrude, and stick with it. Number five is document your home visits. It’s a good list. I’m not sure I would call it my exact most important top five. Here we go. I have to give you a top five list to go with my step-by-step instructions.
I decided to give you the most important five things in your house hunt. Before I begin, I’m going to give you a little mini-bonus list. The deal is if I made a video or a podcast that had all the information that you needed, it would be 70 hours long. You’d never watch. You’d never click. You’d never listen. Although I work very hard at creating the list and try and break down the top five super important things, there are still several other things that you should be aware of. Things beyond my super fabulous list that took me thirteen years to create, thirteen years of sweat, tears and blood. It’s not that bad but I’ve got a little mini list for you if you want to get beyond this top five most important things.
Number one, subscribe to this podcast. That’s super easy. That way you’ll always know when something new comes up. Number two, consume this when you can. This is great bingeable stuff. You can listen to it on a walk, on the run, during your workout, on a train, on a bike to work. Listen to it when your significant other is challenging every possible reason that you stayed with that person. You grab it and put me in your ear holes and see what happens. I’m sure that will make your relationship go perfectly.
[bctt tweet=”Find a real estate agent, or get a referral, to someone who can run this circus; and who cares about you so much, they want to help you years out so YOU can save money, not make them money.” username=””]
I learned a term called podcasting. I’d never heard of that before but it’s something that I do. I didn’t realize I was even doing it. This is a lot of information. Go ahead, put me in your earholes and click that button and make it one and a half times. Although sometimes I talk so quickly, I might sound a little bit like a chipmunk. Zip right through it, binge this stuff. Number three, share, start the revolution. Maybe you have some friends that are spending too much money on brunch three times a week, but they’re still complaining that their rent is too high. The good news is I agree with them. Let’s help them get their own place and then they can invite the whole gang over and serve as much avocado toast as they like. You can sit in your good quality champagne you got from Costco or Sam’s Club. It will be cheaper and it will be under your own roof instead of the roof of your landlord.
In honor of all the top five list, let’s keep going. Take a look online. Look on YouTube. Look all over Pinterest, all over Google, when you enter first time home buyer. I know I’ve told you to do that before, but this time do it again. That’s where you’re going to find the banks and the lenders and even a few good non-salesy-type people, people with good intentions. What you’ll find at the top of the Google list are more lists. The top five and top ten mistakes and best things to do and worse things to do. I’m going to cut through all that and I’m going to give you the definitive top five. After the podcast, I’m going to write it all down and put it in a pretty little font with cute little graphics and put it on my Pinterest. It will be a top five. Let’s call it the top five things you absolutely, positively, categorically have to know before you buy a home.

Don’t Believe The Top Fives

Number one, there is no way that a list of five things can go through all the important things that you should be aware of when you’re about to make the biggest financial transaction of your entire life. Don’t believe the top fives, that’s number one. Forget these lists. I’m telling you, this is a pure marketing gimmick. I have heard several top business minds, business coaches, sell this trick to other salespeople. I’m giving you the inside scoop. I’ve seen tons of marketing gurus sell this hack to other salespeople. This is a trick. I’ve watched YouTube experts preach this ploy to other wannabe YouTubers as a sure-fire way to help get their subscriptions up so that they have so many people watching their YouTube channel. That they too, like that YouTuber, can sit home on their butts and make videos all day long, get sponsors and get paid to be an idiot on the internet. Remember this information is coming to you from the guy who is the world’s biggest dork on his own Instagram and YouTube. That’s me. Check it out if you don’t believe it.

HBH 14 | Things Buyers Need To Know
Things Buyers Need To Know: Some people are spending much money on brunch three times a week, but they’re still complaining that their rents are too high.

Please don’t think that all the information that you need to know about the purchase for hundreds of thousands of dollars can be tied into a neat little list with a bow on top and some snappy words and some editing. Don’t believe that all that you need to know in order for a bank to decide that they’re cool to lend you $250,000 or $500,000. Don’t think that is information that you can attain from a YouTuber, who has experience in this field because they’ve been through this process four times, “You’re a pro.” I hate to sound so sarcastic and snotty. You know where my intentions are and you know where my heart is. It’s here to help you. I’m not one of those old men who say, “You kids have such short attention span.” I don’t believe that. Trust me, I clicked through stuff fast too. We all do it. Don’t believe that when it comes to this that you can get all that information in one quick little list.

Find A Fantastic Realtor

I’m going to do my best to give this to you and to share as much as I can with you. It’s all free because I care. I care that you might be going into this without the full picture. I don’t want you to take this decision lightly. Number two of my apparently not so real fake list to get you to listen. I’m one of those marketers pulling the crap. Find a fantastic realtor or a real estate agent who can tell you all of the things after this top five list. Number 6 through number 245 of all the important things that need to happen in this gigantic transaction. The person who’s going to be orchestrating this entire deal, something of huge magnitude so find a realtor.

Good Agents Who Will Lower Themselves

Number three, realize that in high priced areas there are few top producing and good agents who will lower themselves to get in the car with you and drive around on the weekend. God forbid they get themselves a little dirty and do some actual work to earn their commission, but it’s true. The high-priced agents, their whole goal is to get higher and higher up the ladder and not have to do that. Your home purchase is so minuscule to them, they can’t be bothered. In fact, they don’t even advertise to you. That’s the reason I started this podcast and started this revolution. Their entire marketing campaign, everybody’s marketing in the whole real estate industry is, “Betty Sells Nashville,” or “No One Sells Detroit like Ricky the Realtor,” or “We sell for top dollar. Why go with anyone else?”
[bctt tweet=”Don’t think all the information you need to know about a purchase of a home, a purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars, can be tied into a neat little list with a bow on top and some snappy words and editing.” username=””]
Let’s think about that. What if you’re the buyer and you don’t want to pay top dollar? Will Betty and Ricky, the realtors, suddenly change their tune when you walk into the open house or the home that they’re trying to sell? That’s the open house that they acquired because Mr. and Mrs. Seller have been seeing them on the bus benches for years, telling the whole town that nobody sells the homes for higher prices than they do. Do you think they’re going to be able to get you the best deal on that house? It’s something to think about.

Do Some Research

Number four, do some research. It sucks but the entire industry markets are just as sellers. You can find gobs and gobs of information out there on the internet on how to sell your home for top dollar. Most of the information that you find out there that is for buyers, that’s for investors. That’s people trying to sell and get people that are buying their second, third and fourth home to use them because they can make money off of them. The bummer is many realtors won’t give you the time of day until you are close to being ready to purchase a home until you’re ready to buy.

Find Yourself A Killer Realtor

The entire industry decided that you don’t make the money until you buy and they also seem to think that someday you’ll figure that all that you need to figure out on your own because you’ve been doing it for years so they let you fend for yourself. It sucks, that’s why you’re here. Let’s get you a plan. Let’s start the revolution. Number five, did I mention research? I’m going to go back to it because it’s important. The biggest bit of research that you can do is to find yourself a killer realtor or get a referral to a killer realtor. That person will be out there and help you in the planning stages. Someone who will talk to you a year, two or three years out because like it or not, the realtor is the hub of this entire huge task. I know that’s the way it is. They’re the link to all the other people as you go through the transaction. You need a ringleader, a PT Barnum with integrity, The Greatest Showman.

HBH 14 | Things Buyers Need To Know
Things Buyers Need To Know: Stop the rent cycle early and you’re going to save some money.

Can we talk about Hugh Jackman? Seriously, that dude is captain musical. He hosts the Tony Awards. He sings and does Les Misérables, all of that stuff and he’s also Wolverine. He’s my hero and a dude who can pull both those things off seriously. You’ve got to get out there, research. Go back and read that episode where I’m telling you how to find somebody or get a referral for someone who can run this circus. Someone who cares about you so much, they want to help you years out so that you can save money, not make them money. Stopping the rent cycle early for you, you’re going to save some money.
If a realtor wants to help you do that instead of waiting for you to come to them. Especially waiting for you to come to them or to their own particular listing because what that means is they can double their paycheck for half the work. Cut their workload in half, double their paycheck while they’re also trying to sell the home for top dollar because that’s what they said. That sounded like you’re getting the best deal there. Do you see the way all this works? There’s some logic to this, but I’m concerned with a lot of the folks out there aren’t seeing this and this is the real stuff.
This is the stuff they don’t want you to know because then they’d have to work. I am pissed that this is what’s happened to you. What I’m more pissed about is that the whole picture is not being explained to everybody. If you take a look at the whole picture and you’d go back to the other podcasts on here, you’re going to find out and you’re going to see the way the industry sees you and how you need to come into this a little bit on the attack, a little bit on the offensive until you find that person that you know is in your corner. As for the internet sites out there that are also starting to get aggressive right now, trying to tell you that you can get a deal, they’ve coined a new term, it’s called an iBuyer. That too has some incredibly giant flaws that all it takes is some basic logic and you figure out the economics of who’s looking out for who. You’ll see that it’s not possible as a buyer, especially a first-time buyer to get a deal by going that route. That’s another podcast for another day and who knows, maybe another list? That’s the top five.
[bctt tweet=”Nobody knows the best time for you to buy a house until they know your personal, individual, and unique situation.” username=””]
Let’s talk about what’s coming up at some future podcasts. I’m excited about this. I booked my first interview. I’m stoked about this. It’s going to be someone that’s got a great podcast that talks a lot about how to money. That’s the name of the podcast. Did I give it away? We’ll find out. We’ll see if it works out. It’s a great guy. They’re experts in what they do and they’re good at helping people figure out some of the important things you need to figure out before you buy a home like budgeting. What else have we got in a future podcast? That’s up to you.
This is your forum, ask questions and reach out. I’m here. Go to the website and send me an email. Let me see if I can help. As of the end of May 2019, we’ve helped some of the first-time buyers all over the country. We’ve got Hawaii, Atlanta, Virginia, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. We’ve got the mountains of California. We had a first-time buyer that likes to call himself a second-time buyer. They’re selling in Texas and moving to Florida. We’ve got someone else new from North Carolina, Faith. Faith and I were emailing. Faith, this is cheesy, but you’ve got to have faith. Hang in there. We’re going to get through this, I promise.
Our star of the show, Jacqueline in Denver closed on a house. I’m going to try to talk to her and give her some of the insights. Ask your questions. This is for you. When it comes to lists, remember this fact from buying a home. There is no one correct answer to, “When’s the best time to buy a house?” Nobody knows when is the best time for you to buy a house until they know your personal, individual and unique situation so ask your question. You can ask it right here on the podcast and I’ll try to help you out and find out what’s the best thing for you.
Anybody that tries to tell you in one sentence or one bullet point or one quick, succinct little list what the best scenario for you is to buy a home without listening to you, without understanding what your needs are, that person’s not helping, guiding or advising, they are selling. Let’s recap my fantastic top five, which might have angered a bunch of you but here we go. Number one, I wish I could wrap it all up at a top five list, but I can’t. It’s too big a deal. Number two, you need a super rad realtor. Number three, don’t believe the hype of an area specialist who’s more interested in selling homes and expects you to waltz in the door some days that they’re listening. Number four, research, get a referral and research some more. Number five, you need a ring leader realtor.
By now, I hope you realized that I’m not telling you this because I’m trying to sell you on the importance of my role, my job, my place in society. Please, I don’t care what my job or how important my job looks to the public and how they see the realtor. I’m telling you this because of the lack of importance that the entire real estate industry has put on you the first-time home buyer. You deserve better. If you want to keep getting these updates, make sure that you’re informed, that you know what you’re doing and you’re moving forward, and you don’t get ripped off and you don’t get screwed. You want to get pointed in the right direction for the biggest financial decision of your entire life. Go ahead and subscribe.
There’s more information out there. I’ve got a YouTube channel. You can search for that. Some of you guys have found me on Instagram and Twitter. I’m more of an Instagram guy. There is a Facebook page too on How to Buy a Home. Jump in there, tell me that you heard the podcast and you’ll get invited in. The YouTube page is just starting. If you want to find some more, go to DavidSidoni.com. Click on YouTube and you can subscribe there too. We’ve got some good videos coming out. It’s a little bit of some more content in a different style for you. DavidSidoni.com is where you’re going to find everything that you need or not everything you need but hopefully, a whole lot of information that’s going to help you to buy a home. I hope you enjoyed my completely facetious lists. Thank you so much. Stay positive. Stay focused and know that there’s at least one guy out here in the inner webs that cares about what’s going on with you, first-time buyers. Remember, you can do this.

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