Ep 78 – 2022 Low Inventory REALITY CHECK 

 March 22, 2022

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Holy $#!^!!! 2022 supply and demand is unreal, impossible, and totally illogical! It’s time for a perspective check, because this inventory could DOUBLE tomorrow, and it would barely put a dent in the scarcity of homes for sale right now. So listen to today’s episode as we discuss the current market state of houses or homes that was mainly impacted by the pandemic. If you are looking at buying your first place or home, learn how to do things right by staying tuned!

2022 Low Inventory REALITY CHECK

How Can First Time Home Buyers Get A Home With So Little Supply Of Homes For Sale?

Welcome to reality. In 2022, homes for buyers, especially first-time buyers are selling $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000 or even $200,000 over list price but that reality is being drastically skewed by the listing prices set stupidly low. Well below market value just so the seller and the seller’s realtor can get a bidding war on the home. In real estate, the reality is a relative term. In this episode, we are going to put the real back in real estate for 2022.

Reality, when we venture into unchartered waters, illusion seem real, and reality can be murky, hidden, and we trust what our mind wants us to perceive and what our hearts want to believe more than the actual reality of the situation. I’m back to drop some knowledge on you so you can get the real reel on buying a home. I hear them sell you like some shyster or even worse, give you information that’s going to make you fool yourself. Do you know what they say about buying a home? They say it’s one of, if not the most emotional purchases in one’s life. Top that off with media, your friends, family, and all the internet haters loving to tell you horror stories.
Drama and cynicism are all the rage these days. You are dank if you are dark and giving people shade or telling people, “This is not it, chief.” That’s a lot easier than doing the research and thinking before you open up your own pie hole to give someone an opinion. Positive or even worse, responsible opinions and responsible and positive people talking rarely grab headlines. When it comes to gratification, immediate is even too slow of a word to describe what our society is into these days.
Do you think I’m a Boomer overreacting? First of all, I am not a Boomer. I’m a Gen X. I told you that. How pissed off for people when the series that they are waiting for and they can’t wait to binge it when it comes out and only drops half a season or God forbid, they tell you that they are only going to air once a week and not drop it all at once.
Everybody wants everything fast, having it all, having it now. That seems to be the only way that people feel successful. If they can’t achieve that, then guess what? Bitching, snarking, and complaining. It’s much more fashionable and fun, and that poisons your brain. That’s because that gets all the headlines in there, and all you are hearing is that because no one is talking to you about the slow, boring, uneventful, and accumulative wealth that you can grow over the decades. That’s what homeownership is going to create, and that’s what I’m trying to tell you in this episode.
It’s only me, an old man but I do have a Millennial cameraman back here. We are sitting in my sad office, trying to tell the world how to be sexy over the long game. If you are not reading and still letting the haters get in your brain, I believe it. My cameraman is still dragging his feet on buying his first place but we are working on it. I’m not saying that this is the best path for everyone, and I share his dog pooping and saying, “It’s going to be a quick way for you to move up a tax bracket.”
What I am saying is that most of you are reading this, you want to do this, and you are probably going to do it anyway at some point in your life, and it’s about time you heard the reality of what’s happening and how you can do it right. Our topic of dream-crushing, mind-opening, reality checks is number one, the inventory issue. What is going on? There are no homes for sale.
HBH 78 | Low Inventory

Low Inventory: If you’re waiting for things to chill out and slow down and so it’s not so competitive and you don’t want to do the fight, that’s not going to happen in a couple of months.

Number two, the next topic comes directly from an audience. “We read your podcast on the rising market, and it made us nervous. Can we afford a house that we want with the way the market is going now?” That’s the question. Can you afford the home that you want the way the market is going now? That will be discussed in topic number two, and your reality spoiler alert is, “Do you want to rent forever?” Topic number three is another question. “How do we see homes that are not on open houses so we can beat the market and get in quick?” I will give you a quick reality check on that one.


Topic number one is inventory. Here are the headlines that you are going to see about inventory. January 2022, “A home selling activity is finally gaining some steam. The market again set new record highs for home sale prices, buyer’s mortgage payments, and the share of home selling within days of hitting the market.” The reality is, we also, at that time, saw a new all-time low for the total number of homes for sale. What’s happening with the inventory? The good news is, especially for you home buyers, is that each week, more homes are being listed for sale. Again, that sounds great but something from nothing is still something, and it might not be enough. Let’s get real and look at the logic behind this.
Why are we seeing more inventory now that we are coming into March? Number one, January and February, it’s freaking cold and snowy in lots of places. That might continue through March but as it thaws, we expect to see some more. Number two, I don’t care what your politics are, what you think about what’s happening with the whole Corona Virus and stuff but there were a lot of people that were still scared of the Optimum Prime Omichronosaurus, and that was hit and big in January. A lot of people didn’t want crowds of people in their homes. It’s another reason the inventory should be going up.
Number three, this is not a joke but this is a real fact that I have seen in Sunny Southern California. There are old-timer realtors that told me when I started in real estate back in 2006 that we would start to see homes come on the market in January. It’s because we don’t have snow here but I swear to God, I see a lot more homes hit the market, not in January but now after the Super Bowl since it moved to the first week of February and sometimes even after March madness. Few people want to go and move on a big sports weekend, and if they wait until the end of March or April, then they can move and still close on their house when the kids are getting out of school. It’s a timing thing.
What else might be going on that might improve the inventory for you? Here’s some reality. Keep your chin up because, in 2021, home prices went up 19% in one year. I have told you that’s stupid. It’s usually an average of 3% to 4% over the year, so that’s incredible. Now, why am I telling you that? You are like, “Thanks, dude. I didn’t buy it in 2021. You totally burst my bubble.” No, hang on. If you are concerned that there aren’t a lot of homes for sale now and you are getting beat out, in 2021, all those homes went up 19%, and they were going up the year before that and the year before that.
Why does that matter to you? More people have more equity in their home, and they may be ready to move some of that equity into a larger home, which means more houses for sale. Also, because of that increase they’ve got, and now in this post-pandemic world, maybe they are going to find out that, “I can live someplace else.” Who out there wants to move to the country? Lots of people are doing it. They are buying a ranch somewhere. It’s more homes for you.
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Time for more reality. Inventory is going up, and sales are up but I want to give you both sides of the coin. Listings are still down 49% from early 2020. In the middle of a pandemic, we had all these listings for sale. Now the pandemic seems to be going away, and we are down 49%. It makes no sense. I don’t understand this at all. The only thing that I can share with you is this has to go up sometime.
We are getting more inventory but the reality is if you are waiting for things to chill out and slow down, so it’s not competitive, and you don’t want to do the fight, that’s not going to happen in a couple of months. Things will get better with some more inventory but it’s still going to be crazy competitive. In the last months, 58% of the homes that went under contract had an accepted offer within the first two weeks on the market.
That’s an all-time high, and 45% of the homes that went under contract had an accepted offer within one week. Another all-time high. It’s a huge percentage. Those numbers are bonkers. I’m telling you, back in the old days, we tell people it was going to take 3 to 6 months to sell your home. Now it’s taken 3 to 6 days, sometimes 3 to 6 hours.


The reality of the market is insane and unusual. It’s different, and we are most likely going to see some more inventory soon, and you should be happy about that but think back to when you very first thought about buying a home. Think like a few months ago when you hadn’t read anything, and you didn’t know anything about the process. All you had was your mind’s perception.
What if I told you that when you were ready to go home shopping, the first day that you went out, and you found a home that you liked on the market, there were going to be five people standing right behind you ready to write offers on that home? What if I said that’s how it’s going to be? You would be bummed or may be crushed.
I would have said, “It’s okay. I understand this isn’t what you anticipated for this big moment in your life.” You would be asking me all these questions, trying to figure out what’s going on, and trying to see if we could find ways to sneak and hack and get in there. Here’s the reality of it. That would have confused you and made you uncomfortable.
HBH 78 | Low Inventory

Low Inventory: Back in the old days, we told people it’s going to take three to six months to sell your home. Now it’s taken three to six days, sometimes three to six hours.

In this market, you are not going to be fighting five. You are going to be fighting 50 people. I don’t care if up 10,000 new homes come on the market tomorrow, you are still going to be fighting more than five people. The reality is it’s relative. Inventory is going up but it’s still not going up enough to make things normal.
It’s not going to be normal easy. It’s just going to be easier than psychotic. For the rest of the year, unless something drastic happens, bidding wars are going to be here to stay. I’m getting trolled now. Every single time I drop anything on social media, the number one thing that the trolls and the haters love to put in my comment section is, “Beware.” Like, “This guy is trying to snow you. Beware.” I get it. We’ve got an entire generation of people getting burned by slimy salespeople. The only thing I’m selling you is the reality. You do you. Buy when you want to buy a home.
I’m not saying you have to buy a home. Knock yourself out. Troll away. Beware me. I’m only telling you that if you want to buy a home someday, this is how. This is the show to help you with reality. The reality is we are anywhere from 400% to 600%. Can you read that again? 400% to 600% off of the normal number of homes that we need to be in a normal market.
If you are indeed planning on buying a home and you think that you are going to be waiting for the inventory because that’s your best play because you feel like the realtors and me, putting up videos and other content that you think that we are pushing you into making a sale, I don’t care. Do what you want. That’s not my jam. I’m only letting you know we are too low for even an enormous amount of homes that pop up on the market but that is still not going to slow down the demand, enough to drop the prices before you end up paying rent for years.
I was talking to one of my unicorn realtors in Salt Lake City. She’s tough. I love her. She tells it like it is. She’s fun, funny but when she gets down to it, she will be like, “Here’s what we’ve got to do, sweetie.” She sold a home to a cool couple a few years back, and they have grown up. Their family has grown up. Now, their daughter is ready to buy. Her daughter got approved for $450,000, and then she started talking to my unicorn friend. She said, “I don’t think I want to pay more than my cushy rent now.” Her rent was $1,500, which is below the national average for a two-bedroom apartment. That’s $2,100 now.
She said she wanted to keep her monthly payment right there and see if they could see a home for $250,000 instead of $450,000. I’m not telling people you need to go out and get home at the top of your approval. You’ve got to be comfortable. That makes sense but trying to find a home $200,000 off of what might be the normal payment or pricing right there because you didn’t want a bigger payment, that’s where you have to come into some reality. My unicorn friend gave her the reality or the math. She said, “I hear what you are saying but do you want to be a renter forever? You’ve got to get in the game.”
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Current Market State

That’s what’s happening now. These prices are not going to be going down anytime soon. The supply and demand of everything we talked about are going to keep that where they are. By the time they do begin to flatten, plateau or eventually go down, you will have been paying rising rents for a long time. It’s not fixed. By that time, you might be priced out of the market. You’ve got to get in the game. “Do you want to rent forever?” That’s what my girls told her. That’s a unicorn truth bomb.
Like all good unicorn truth bombs, it’s backed by math. Get in the game or you could be stuck renting. Trolls and haters, I have a story for you in your big “beware” warnings. I love when they put that in the comments. They are saying about a sale. I’m not trying to pitch anything to you. It’s about helping people plan and gets in the game, so you don’t hear some of the horror stories like I’m going to give you from that story that’s coming up. You’ve got to believe in the process. The best changes in life happen when you go through challenges.
If you are waiting for the circumstances to change to make it easier for you, that only happens when you win the lottery. Reality is shockingly only that real. Here are some thoughts for you, reality. The low inventory is scary for first-time home buyers. Another reality, in 2022, that lack of inventory and fierce competition is going to slay your dreams on how fun and easy this big life event was going to be for you. Another piece of reality is fear, and ignorance caused the haters to get louder when they think they will be heard. You are going to hear many people, including some people that maybe you respected, bring negative energy to you and your plan.
Do me a favor. If they think the crash is coming soon, say, “Cool. Will you do me a favor? I’m going to hold back. I’m not going to do this, so you cover my rent during this waiting time for me while I’m waiting for things to crash. I will pay you back with all the huge savings that I get when I buy a home because I’m going to buy it for such a discount later because I’m going to wait as you said.” Try that one.
Another reality, this is the time when headlines will put fear in your heart, and you need practical positivity instead. I heard that phrase from my boy, Gary Vee, “Practical positivity.” I’m not blowing sunshine in your keister. I’m freaking telling you this will be hard, and the dream that you had of how this was supposed to go and be all fun and fluffy, that’s probably going to get shattered. I’m offering practical positivity, and you need to surround yourself with others that feed you the same thing. If you are looking for some practical positivity, read to the other interviews on the show. Those guys are awesome. They will help you realize, “You can do this.”
Eliminate the poison. Eliminate anyone who is talking, spewing, preaching or predicting without a track record behind it to back up what they are saying. Don’t listen to anyone who is screaming the sky is falling without facts and data to back up their fear-based opinions. Don’t let drama affect your thinking. Negative is poison because I already told you, this is going to be hard now but for a lot of you, it’s going to be the right choice.
HBH 78 | Low Inventory

Low Inventory: The low inventory is scary for first time home buyers. That lack of inventory and fierce competition is going to slay your dreams of how fun and easy this big life event was going to be for you.

The minute the road gets a little bumpy, if you have in-taken all those unfounded negative thoughts when the first sign of drama hits, you are going to think, “All those people were right.” If you intake facts, data, practical positivity, you are going to hear my voice in your head, and you are going to hear the reality backed by the math. That will be at the forefront of your brain when the drama hits and help eliminate your fear.
What the hell happened? Some of you came here for data, and I kept spewing about data, and suddenly, I gave you a therapy session. If you did want all the facts and data, don’t even start with me. Go back and look at the catalog. I’ve got so many facts, figures, and data. I researched and regurgitated hours of reading for my How To Buy A Homies. Seriously, I should be wearing a pocket protector with a compass and a protractor. Those of you who don’t know what that means, that’s an ‘80s reference for my teenage years when every movie had a nerd that was a negative stereotype with taped glasses and math supplies in the front pocket of their button-down Oxford shirt. Nerds used to be a bad thing.
On a side note, speaking of math supplies, when I was in high school, Matthew’s friend noticed that one of her other friends who was wearing shorts that day had one leg particularly skinnier than the other one. From that day on, he dubbed him the compass. Boys in high school are insecure and mean. It’s the reality. Here’s some audience feedback I’ve got. “David, I want to let you know that I closed on my first home, and I had the most amazing unicorn realtor. I want to let you know how much I learned from your show and how it helped me to get in the mindset of becoming a homeowner rather than a renter. I have told everyone I know who’s looking to buy about your show. Thanks for all the work you do.”
Now, why that shameless plug in the middle of the show? I know you are wondering. It’s because, in our next topic, I might seem like I’m harsh on the audience. I want you all to know that I love you, and sometimes I have to give you the tough love. I accept your praise, and sometimes I need to check you or myself because apparently, I didn’t get you enough of the information you have been asking for. That’s where we get to topic number two. An audience wrote, “We read your most show, and it made us nervous. Can we really afford a house that we want the way the market is now?”

Perfect Scenario

It depends on what you want. Do you want the perfect house since you are entitled to it as you see in the movies? You worked hard. You saved some money, you watch HGTV, and you see other people do it. I want that, too. If you want the perfect scenario and you are trying to buy in 2022, the answer is no. You are probably not going to get what you want. Like me and my friends, the Rolling Stones, we say, “You can’t always get what you want. You get what you need.”
The only way that you get what you want is if you want to beat the math. I know that’s not fun. I know I’m not saying it’s exciting that we are talking about looking at home, and I want this home. No, we are talking about beating the math. If you want to beat the math, and you are going to use the home as a vehicle and a vessel to get you to do there, I have laid out in several episodes, especially the 2022 episodes, how to do that. You can then get a home that can help you beat the math of renting but it’s not necessarily maybe the home that you want to die in.
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Now, that doesn’t mean that you are going to have to move. Maybe you are going to be able to remodel. Maybe you are going to be able to expand. You never know. I had to take my relicensing exam to be a realtor. Realtors have to get every four years. I was super stoked because they finally added some new material to the test. A lot of times, they are giving you the same old junk. One of the things from the test said was this, and I thought it was interesting. “The rule of thumb reported by our friends at The Motley Fool is that each quarter-point swing in the interest rate changes the amount a borrower can borrow by about 3%. A 1% increase going from 3% to 4% might change your borrowing power by a whopping 12%.
The real estate test helped me in a way to explain something I have been screaming from the mountaintops. If you are afraid that you can’t get what you want, if you are sitting around waiting for it and mortgage rates go up, now you can’t get what you want. There’s no time to waste. One of the other things directly from the test said this, “From a buyer standpoint, the one silver lining to rising interest rates is that they do sometimes tend to have a downward pressure on pricing and appreciation.” Even when interest rates are on the rise, buyers should understand that they could likely be paying less for a home than if interest rates were lower, assuming that we do get that price drop.
Most financiers agree that the exact timing of a home purchase is going to have little impact overall. They don’t say what that means here but I’m telling you, it means that if you owned a home for 7 to 10 years when you bought, it might not have a big impact. They say homeowners generally always come out ahead of renters.
For the other story that I teased you about, I had one audience that emailed me and said, “David, I can’t do this.” She has been a renter for twenty-plus years, and she thought she was doing everything right by reducing our debt first, then trying to save 20% before she entertained asking anybody about what she should be doing and are planning to buy a home. I wish she had found me sooner because when she asked me for help, the only thing I could do was give her to a unicorn realtor and have them talk to some unicorn lenders and find out what she was approved for now.
Needless to say, she was then crushed because she shared with me after talking to the unicorn and finding out what she can afford. Now, she can’t afford much because home prices have gone up, and she’s not in a position where she can do anything. She said this to me, “I’m not a money maker. I’m a financial mess. Now, I’m only trying to find a financial advisor to help me build some wealth so that I can eventually buy a home now. No luck so far but I’m hopeful. I will continue to research what I can. I will google and follow Dave Ramsey until I can find someone to better assist me. I no longer read your show. As I discussed with you before, I’m not your target demographic. I’m sure that you are helping your market audience, though.”
I’ve got that, and I had to be careful because I want to let her know, “I didn’t get you in this mess. You only found me now.” I responded to her with this. I said, “I remember you. I remember the first time you reached out to me, and we’ve got you over to a unicorn. Sometimes the answers, for now, are not what the audience is looking for.” I’m out of my response now. This is the real me talking to you. Some of you out there might not be ready to buy a home now. No worries. Let’s start your plan. Back to her, I said, “I totally get that. If you want a referral to another local lender to run the numbers for you so they can help you with a plan, I can ask around and see who in my network knows.”
HBH 78 | Low Inventory

Low Inventory: Don’t just try to see houses on your own. You’ve got to get a unicorn team, someone to make appointments for you. That’s the way the market works.

I told her, “To be clear, my goal is to help people buy a home to help them build wealth with that purchase. I don’t claim to be someone to help you build the wealth to buy a home. That’s on you.” Sometimes I will give you a plan for it but that’s where it’s at. She responded back to me and she said, “Maybe my terminology isn’t quite right. I would like to buy a home so I could build wealth but during that process, I have been told that my problem is I don’t have enough wealth or money to buy a home. I simply can’t afford it. Inflation and rents have been rising. Now, I can’t keep up with the market in my area. It would be great to know that maybe I should consider a longer commute instead of being told there isn’t anything in my area in my price range.”
This is what gets interesting. She said, “I don’t have any money because I followed Dave Ramsey and became debt-free. People don’t see my 825 credit score and no debt. They only see my small savings account.” Guess what I said to that. I responded back, “I did a whole episode on Dave and how sometimes, it can be detrimental. Not always but sometimes. A home loan approval for someone like you, someone with great credit and no debt, the thing with the home loan approval is at that point, it’s going to be based on your income. If your income is not enough, then you could save up about 5% of your total purchase price for the homes that you are looking at. If the monthly payment on those homes is about 40% of your monthly income, then that’s what you can afford.”
The cool thing is she came back to me and she was like, “Thank you for this. That’s the information I needed. I needed a lender or a financial advisor to tell me that clearly. Now I understand I need to save a lot more, find a second job or probably both but that gives me the guidance I didn’t know before. I’m okay with that. I’m going to move forward. Dave calls it gazelle intensity. It’s exhausting working so hard for many years to realize that I need to keep working hard for more years because I was working hard towards the wrong goal.”
Here, I had to respond back because she mentioned Dave again and the gazelle intensity ad that can be a great part of it but I said, “I know. I tried in Episode 69 to debunk Dave Ramsey’s theory. It costs a lot of people money in the last ten years in this rising market.” It’s a little less, and I want to make sure you guys realize that if you get into battle now, read what this person said to me. She said, “I am one of them. I was raised in a household where money wasn’t discussed. I was told to never owed people money, so as an adult, I don’t have any debt but I also don’t have any retirement savings or home. I did the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time. Thank you for those numbers. I will rest after 2 or 3 more years. I struggled to save enough, fast enough to keep up with inflation of the housing market but at least now I know I have the knowledge.”
I responded back to her that things are near the top now. For the economy to remain sustainable, eventually, average incomes and housing costs need to be more imbalanced, so someone like you with good credit, no debt should be able to do well and survive with those options but the key is going to be working a savings plan for that initial investment. At that point, all I can do is help but retroactively, I can’t go back and work a whole plan. If you are brand new, that’s the point. This is happening for you. You can learn, and you can figure out what to do for yourself.
I did get her in touch with someone, and as I was writing down this show, I’ve got this note for her, “Something great happened. The lender that the realtor uses is fantastic. They are unicorns. There are people who advise you on how to improve your finances and get approved for a better mortgage. That’s what I need. They said they were going to evaluate my financial situation and provided me with some guidance to get a better mortgage. They are willing to work with me for the long haul, and their website has resources specifically for first-time buyers as well. Thanks. I appreciate your help, and I will keep you updated.”
My goal is to help people buy a home to help them build wealth with that purchase.CLICK TO TWEET
The reality is wherever you are now, if you are listening to the naysayers or if you are listening to old school plans is that you could be setting yourself up for a longer amount of renting than you should do. I’m not telling you to do anything risky or anything crazy. I’m telling you that I’ve got twenty years of stats and data on this now. The reality is with a better plan in place, a flexible plan instead of Dave Ramsey’s one size fits all, “Save and don’t look up plan,” maybe this reader could have bought a home in 2012 when prices were rock bottom with a small down payment. I don’t know.
If not, I bet somewhere along the way from 2012 to 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, she could have bought a home. It’s what you don’t know that can get you stuck in the renter cycle. Get in the game or you might end up being one of those renters for life. I wish I had been taught this in school. I wish I knew this in my twenties, and I wish more people would do more than dig in and work hard and not look around and see what could happen. Research, read, and explore your options. Hard work is great and very admirable but work smarter, not harder. You could still be safe and smart and avoid being trapped by these limited options.
How do you get what you want in this market so you can be secure later on in life? Rule number one, be ready to do a little bit of that compromising. Be ready to be in love with math. If you need money to save and you need to do that faster, sell your car. Drive a cheaper car. Live on 70% of your income. Those are options but they are not super realistic for those of you trying to LYBL, Live Your Best Life. Is that a thing yet? Everyone is trying to do that or trying to FOMO. A better idea is to realize that you are going to pay your biggest monthly payment every month on shelter. If you wait to start the process, you could be a twenty-year renter with killer credit, no debt, and still be stuck as a renter.

Get Help

Topic number three is how do we see homes that are not on an open house? Can we get appointments? No big reality check here but I did want to make sure that you knew that. The short answer to this is, in this market, don’t try to see houses on your own. You’ve got to get a unicorn team. Someone to make appointments for you and get you in to see the homes. That’s the way the market works. This is how we do it.
If you go to open houses and you think that you are seeing everything, trust me, you are going to be missing some homes on the market. In this crazy market, the sellers can be pretty snotty about how often they want to show their homes, so they are going to give you little tight periods to see a house. Do this. Be ready and flexible. Ask your unicorn to set up a time and jump on it. The average buyer in 2021 ended up taking off over a week. Some reports say eight days before it took off. Some say thirteen days that people took off during the entire home buying process. Let’s hope those days offer sick paid days because you are going to need some money.
Reality check on rushing to see a home. This has to do with this whole thing. I know a lot of people try to rush out there and see a home. It’s worked for me sometimes when I have done that where I have gone and seen a home real quick and write the offer right there, and you get in first. I want you to understand those days of being able to cut in line and try to sneak the property from other people, it’s not quite happening as much. A common practice that we are seeing now is the home goes on the market. It says, “Open houses on Saturday and Sunday but the buyer is not going to review any offers until Tuesday.” I want you to understand as a lot of things in real estate, I don’t necessarily love this practice but I tell you about it, so you can be ready for when it happens to you.
I also threw it in because I’m seeing lots of online companies offering showings with an app. To any of you out there who are thinking that you are beating the system by using an app to gain entrance to home because then you don’t need a stinking realtor, this show is not for you. I hope that you do it. I hope that it goes great. I have heard a lot of stories all the time about people buying houses on their own, and they love it. They think that they save money and God bless them but I’m here to tell you that in your town, if you shop correctly, you can find a unicorn realtor for free, so you do not have to do it by yourself. That’s all it is. It’s a game hack. That’s how you get the best deal.
If you want to keep shopping so low, go for it. Let me know how that goes. Why am I so harsh? It’s because of the reality. This is the reality episode. The reality is if you want to beat the system, the best way is to always work the system and not try to get completely around it. Reality is your realtor, and yes, even the good ones are free. Don’t see me as a dream crusher. I’m a truth bomb dropper. I’m hoping that you see that this non-sexy alternative to renting in 2022 is going to be eating a little humble pie and realizing the universe put you here at this time to buy a home right in the middle of a crazy market so do what you’ve got to do.
Lots of this is going to seem like an oxymoron. It’s things that don’t seem to make sense when they get put together. One of my favorite oxymoron statements that I make all the time is that American Football is a smart man’s game. It’s smart football. It’s simultaneously the most barbaric and cerebral activity ever invented. If you disagree with me, I dare you. Go play a game of Madden on pro-level and on defense, only play the free safety, and don’t switch players for every single play through the whole game. Try it, then you tell me it’s not a smart man’s game. I didn’t waste my twenties playing video games and not paying attention to a mortgage. No, that wasn’t me. It’s somebody else.
If you, your friend, family or a loved one needs a wake-up call, a dose reality backed by facts, figures, and positive vibes, share this show now. You can do it from your phone. It’s super easy. Pause it, share or text it to someone. The more people we help, the more we get the word out, the more I can keep doing this show and keep answering people’s questions. I do that for you now at HowToBuyAHome.com. Ask. Do you need a unicorn in your hometown? It’s the same place at HowToBuyAHome.com or DM me. I’m on Instagram @DavidSidoni. Join the Facebook group at How To Buy a Home. Ask questions, swap stories, talk to other audiences, and be sure to check out the YouTube page.
As of now, we are going to be kicking up our YouTube page, and all these are going to be on there. If you want to see how this scary content gets made, you could see me hunker down in my office. There are tons of free content in there. Please check me out on YouTube. See what I look like. Be scared of it. If you get a chance, write me a review. It’s the place where everyone finds the show, and Spotify is doing it now. If you can do a review on Spotify, that will be also home.
Right after you finish reading, write me a review. Put it on Spotify. That will help me, and that’s a reality because the reality is I’m trying to change the industry from the inside out. I’m trying to tell everyone all the rules. I don’t think we should fire all these new young agents. You shouldn’t use them, and they will quit, and they should because they are not trained well enough. If they are not going to be training right with the right person, you are not going to get the expert guidance that you need. I’m here for you. This is reality. It’s like adulting. It’s here. It sucks sometimes. Maybe it’s not what you were expecting like buying in the 2022 market. That’s cool but with little guidance, you can make the best of it and you can do this.

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