Ep. 161 – Achieving The American Dream: An Interview With Sally 

 February 7, 2023

Ep. 161 – Achieving The American Dream An Interview With Sally

This podcast is all about helping first-time home buyers, so David Sidoni decided to talk to a real first-time home buyer who found their unicorn home through David’s unicorn team!

Sally and her husband were ready to purchase their first home in April 2022, just before the interest rates went wild. Learn how their unicorn team helped them navigate the crazy real estate waters, gave them an amazing experience and helped them realize their homeowner dreams.

Here are some topics from today’s discussion:

  • How Sally got in touch with her unicorn team
  • How they got through the craziness of 2022’s housing market
  • A look at some real home-buying numbers

Episode Highlights:

[02:20] Sally’s Real Estate Team Comes in Clutch

Buying a home can be scary, but Sally got in touch with a great real estate agent and lender. As David has said many times before, finding experienced real estate agents and lenders is key to getting into the best home-buying situations. In Sally’s case, they were very supportive and knew that she and her husband could do it, even though it seemed challenging at the time! Consistent follow-ups, emails, and messages from the team kept them in the loop and feeling confident about their choice.

[14:07] The Numbers Had To Make Sense… And They Did!

Sally came in with some student debt, one steady income, and $5,000 for down payment. Her team helped her crunch the numbers and run all the possible scenarios, as well as throwing in some creative ways to help make the purchase even smoother.

I thought buying homes was just for rich people, but, boy, was I so wrong.
I thought buying homes was just for rich people, but, boy, was I so wrong.

[32:05] Sally’s Happy (Home) Ending

The speedy process and quick feedback allowed Sally to move in before the end of 2022, making the whole process take from April to December. Now, she, her husband, and their two ferrets got to spend their first Christmas in their first house!

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