Ep. 114 – First Time Home Buyer Community 

 July 28, 2022

HBH 114 | Home Buyer Community

Being a first-time home buyer can be a lonely experience. You could Google for days and still feel like you don’t know which way to turn or where to start. Join David Sidoni on today’s episode as we seek to help first timers connect and find a place for support and authentic answers from real people.

First Time Home Buyer Community

Creating A Safe Place For First Time Home Buyers To Connect

I would like to discuss community with you and how it can lift you up, help you emotionally, and in the case of this show, to help you realize that you are not alone on this journey. Let’s chat.

What is happening? A little melancholy opening there for you, so what are you in for? Let me explain. I know this is an educational show, and you come here for all the facts and the data. My goal with this show is to help prepare every first-time buyer so that you can feel confident in this gigantic endeavor. I know that I spit all kinds of numbers and analytics at you all the time. I do that to help you feel comfy. I am encouraging and practice practical positivity but in an effort to serve you, when I am looking to get into the emotional, deeper, darker places, I will rely on the success stories from other first-time home buyers, as well as the data to help keep your spirits up.

The funny thing about this is, deep down, I am totally not a spreadsheet guy. I am a gooey mess of emotions. Perhaps in getting this show together and the YouTube channel and everything else that I am doing, I am trying to step away from that, maybe lean into some other more data-driven stuff, real things, in an effort to serve you better. I want to make sure that I am the one place where you know you can get the truth, the real information, not just rah-rah emotional sales BS.

It is strange because I got hit with some pretty emotional stuff with my twelve-year-old daughter. It made me take a deeper look at what I was doing to serve all of you. I want to make sure I have compassion and empathy and that you know that I understand that sometimes this can be a difficult thing for you to do, and you might need some support.

By shying away from my emotional side to bring you guys all that real actual factual data, I wanted to make sure you could get that information, so it did not feel like the other BS that is out there. I have realized that I have neglected something a little important. Buying a home is a big freaking deal and is totally emotional.

First up, I acknowledge that with all of you. I acknowledge. I understand. I hear you. This is emotional. You are going to have a breakdown or two if you are lucky. Two is way low on the over-under unless you are a heartless robot. This is a big deal. I hope that some of the data and the real facts that I spew at you all the time can help the reasonable part of your mind. This is a highly unreasonable endeavor. However, this moment with my daughter opened my eyes a little bit, and it made me realize that maybe there is a tool out there that I have not been helping you with.

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I wanted to be sure that you kept your eye on the prize, did not stray away and got trapped in the emotional abyss. Now I realize that understanding that emotion and talking to other people about it is not a bad thing. Misery needs commiseration. This is just as crucial as all my boring facts and data, helping you try to stay practically positive and emotionally stable.

In this episode, I want to talk about community. Hopefully, we can create this. It is another tool in your first-time home buyer tool belt. You need all you can get when it comes to getting your tools. Community is something that is out there. I learned that from my daughter. Despite what the media tells you, Millennials are buying homes in greater numbers than the generation before them. That’s my generation, Gen X. Do not call me Boomer.

32% to 34% every single year of every home sale in the United States are first-time home buyers. In 2022, there are going to be six million deals. That means we are looking at two million first-time home buyers, and many of them are Millennials. 2023 is going to be the same. That means two million people a year are doing it. Not to mention all people that are sitting around trying to figure out how to do it. That means there are a lot of you out there going through the same thing. You have a community, so it is time to lean in.

A quick side note, if you are new to the show and you are really looking for answers on how to buy a home, you are looking for that clear content and guidance, I suggest you jump out of this episode and jump into utilizing my favorite technique, which is a new episode and an old one. It is the best way to do it. Start at the beginning 1, 2, 3, and then start jumping around the titles that you are interested in.

Make sure you hit some of the new episodes too because that is where I put a lot of the current market updates. Skip this one and come back to it. I do not want to scare you and make you think it is going to be scary but it is. I told you. Truth bomb. This one is for the How to Buy a Homie who needs a pick me up after battling their planning or maybe they are battling because they are trying to buy a home in this crazy 2022 Hunger Games market.

For a long time, I have been working to build a place to help you get educated. A place for you to feel safe, someplace for you to get your answers, and help with the overwhelm of this entire process. Someplace to hear from other people who have done it, not just salespeople, and understand the actual format and the process to do this thing through the words of people who did it. It can feel very lonely trying to do this on your own. I have been dropping interviews to try to let you know that you are part of a tribe. I had not thought about it that way until this thing with my daughter happened.

HBH 114 | Home Buyer Community
Home Buyer Community: The community will never be as fun as following these guys who play video games online, but the stories you hear on this podcast and on this YouTube channel are not fanfiction.

In between all those interviews, I dropped my truth bombs and my mad knowledge that you can check out on your own but it is not much of a community with me just in your earholes. My kids, I know they have got a killer community online. They are both super down with YouTube, and my wife and I totally encourage it. They found some great communities out there, and it helps them to find like-minded people with the same interests. As you might expect, since the apple does not usually fall very far from the tree, my kids are unique in all the best ways. My wife and I honestly laugh at all the people who say that kids are going to be totally trued up because of too much screen time.

If you do not monitor what they are doing, you just let them sit in front of it all the time and do not tell them you love them. That is bad. In general, embrace screen time. It is awesome. I did not have the option to have a community when I was younger. Do you know what my options were? If I felt alone when I was in junior high, isolated or rejected, do you know what my options were? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

That classroom of people was my whole world. If I did not connect with them when I went home, I had no other options. When I was ridiculed and mocked in junior high for being a weird kid, remember I was a good athlete and also loved theater. I was a strange kid. I just had to suffer through three years of horribleness in junior high school.

Until I got to high school, then I finally found my group. I found my tribe. I would have killed for a community to connect with after school during my awkward years when I agonized through each day, feeling totally alone and attempting to traverse a challenging and uncomfortable world. Does that sound familiar? It is like buying a house.

I know some of you are out there suffering alone with me in your earholes or your eyeholes if you are on YouTube. Try to figure this out for yourself, and you want to know what to do. You are dying for someone out there with empathy, compassion, and understanding to deliver you all the information that you need. I understand you are not trying to get rich. You are not trying to illegally skirt the system or any way. You want a guide to help you.

It would be super nice to have a community of people going through the same thing so you could share your experiences. The reason why I am thinking about community so much is that my twelve-year-old daughter, Isabella, has a few communities that she is active in. Her favorite YouTube creator tragically passed away. He was super young and a really good dude. He was a good and caring person. He was not in it for the fame or the adulation. It is only in it for the love of the game. I mean that he was a gamer. He randomly got famous doing this very nerdy, silly little thing. He always made sure that he gave back to the people for this incredible gift that he was given.

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I saw this affect her. I asked her to write something for me about how this guy impacted her life and helped create and form this community for her and then how the community worked together to deal with these difficult times. This is what my daughter said about a YouTube creator named Technoblade. He is from something called Dream SMP.

This is her writing, “I would like to talk about someone special in the YouTube community that recently left us. His YouTube name was Technoblade but his real name was Alex. He hardly showed his face to his fans, so his fans loved making fan art of his YouTube profile picture, a king pig. Technoblade was known for being a gamer on YouTube for one game, in particular, Minecraft. Technoblade was known for playing in multiplayer worlds.”

That is playing with more than one person, for those of you non-Minecraft. “People knew him for dominating in competitive games. He was thought to be one of the best players in Minecraft history. He won all kinds of championships and competitions.” Bella didn’t go too deep into it but as you may not know, being a killer gamer is not why he was famous on YouTube. That is what they started with but he is famous because he and his buddies ended up starring in these crazy mini-animated movies that were fantasy adventures of what their Minecraft characters were doing with storylines and really gritty, cool animation. They are super awesome.

Back to Bella’s words, “Sadly, on August 27th, 2021, he announced that he had sarcoma, which is a rare type of cancer that damages the bones and the soft tissues on his arm. Fans all around were shaken, and they sent him their support. He kept his cancer sort of like a joke. He was always making it into things that would get people to laugh. Most viewers knew Techno as YouTuber but some of them knew him as an online friend or an idol because of his optimism and his signature quote, ‘Technoblade never dies.’ His death was publicly announced on June 30th, 2022, in a YouTube video made by his dad titled, So Long Nerds. Technoblade or Alex was a legend. His impact was immense. There are several sources to support him and support a fundraiser to find the cure for cancer. He has a merchandise shop at Technoblade.com, and the fundraiser is at CureSarcoma.org/nyccelebration.”

That is what my daughter wrote. Needless to say, I have ordered my So Long Nerds shirt. It is on backorder. I cannot wait to wear that on the show. In fact, we talked to the kids about finding charities that we like. We talked about it all the time. We ended up buying an obscene amount of merch because we figured this was a great charity and something that we could contribute to and feel really good about it.

I do not understand half of what the sayings are on the shirts that I bought but I am still going to wear them proudly. Bella has been watching this dude for three years. She dressed up like him for Halloween. It was a dope costume. She said his content helped her get through some rough days. As a matter of fact, one day around Halloween, she and her friend decided to randomly cosplay and wear the costumes of their idols out to an outdoor mall for no reason other than they just wanted to.

HBH 114 | Home Buyer Community
Home Buyer Community: The decision to buy a home is so much more than just fun. You all deserve all the love and support you can get while going through it.

I even said to her, “It is not Halloween. Are you cool with it if people look at you funny?” She says, “I do not care if the randos laugh or snicker at me.” Every once in a while, someone will walk by, and they recognize who she is. Even though most people would have no idea what the outfit is, they always give her a cool smile or one of those awesome head nods or look at her and go, “No way. I love that guy. It’s so cool.”

It was neat for me to understand that, in this community, she felt comfortable. A lot of the reason she felt comfortable was that the creators did not care what the cool kids thought about what they were doing. They never tried to do anything except what they love and to share that with other people. The people seem to appreciate that. They liked it too. I am honored that my daughter chose this guy to be a role model. Before I get into all of this helps with you buying a home, once again, if you want to help with those causes, his merchandise shop is Technoblade.com, and the fundraiser is at CureSarcoma.org/nyccelebration.

I understand that donating to charity might be totally out of the question for all of you because you are saving to buy a house. I totally get it. Let’s get to what I am trying to do. Something we can do to help you in that process. The How to Buy a Homies, our community is never going to be as fun as following these guys who play video games online and have a whole bunch of people that follow them. The stories that you read on this blog and this YouTube channel are not fanfiction. This stuff is real. I figured, “This is real stuff that we can commune about.” You Homies can help each other with your real-world experiences.

I know that some of you got to be sick of me by now. Let’s figure out a way for you to talk to each other. I am asking you for real, how should we help the Homies connect if the Homies want to find a community themselves? Let me know because all we have got is the Facebook group, How to Buy a Home, and it is members only. All you got to do is answer a couple of questions, tell me you have read the blog, and you are in. Stop laughing. I realize it is a Facebook group. You have to remember it is the only thing I could think of.

If you have got other ideas, help me out. I know that people will comment on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and that will sometimes start some conversations but I am asking you, do you guys out there has any interest in helping form this community and building this community together? While you are learning, getting all your facts and data, you can also commiserate and talk to other people that have emotional breakdowns.

If you do, tell me where you want to do it. Should we start a Discord? I hear that is a thing. Where would you like to go for support from other people going through the same thing? I can tell you how to hit me up. That is easy but what if you want to talk to each other? Who knows? Maybe I will do this show, and nobody cares but if you are interested in the How to Buy a Home community, go to HowToBuyAHome.com and hit the Ask David button, and then tell me your suggestions.

I really want to hear from you. Seeing my daughter feel so connected to a group of people while she was going through a difficult time was inspiring to me because the decision to buy a home is much more than just a fun distraction. You deserve all the love and support that you can get while you are going through this. It is not easy all the time. We all could use a little pick-me-up. We can all get lifted up together if we could give each other support.

That is it for this episode. Let me know if this is a dumb idea or better yet, let me know if you have a solution for me. I would love to help you out as much as I can. You would enjoy helping out your fellow first-time buyers as well. Let me know. HowToBuyAHome.com, Ask David and give me your suggestions. Let’s work together because you guys know what I think. You can do this.

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